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3 lessons for new affiliates

I started this blog to a) help myself learn, but also b) to help others learn a bit faster and in a bit more of an efficient way. Anyway ¬†this week we had some pretty decent affiliate marketing campaign leanings that I think are worth sharing with everyone. The main lesson to take away from this is that slow and steady wins the race ( I have actually written 3 lessons for new affiliates). I am assuming by now that you have your tracking, traffic source and other up and running and you have possible launched a campaign. without further ado lets get started…

I was launching campaigns at a pretty solid rate, at least 1 per day and also as i am sure we have all done or are in the process off burnt through a pretty good ‘chunk o’ change’. I was getting some conversions here and there but I think in the process and all the excitement I think I managed to overwhelm myself, I was essentially getting nowhere pretty fast. ¬†Coincidentally I read a couple of days ago a post by Servando Silva ( which touched on some of the things I had done in noobness as well as was the motivator for this post. There really are some good lessons to learn here.

Lesson 1

Slow and steady wins the race. I will say it again before this post is finished but it really is true. So often you read stories of affiliates sending 2K installs per day to an affiliate network. Or you speak with your account manager who tells you how great the offer is going and tell you how many K installs affilates are doing. Lesson 1 is IGNORE ALL OF THIS. You/I/we are not at that level just yet…. it is ok to send 50 installs a day, find your feet, put your bids low and let the traffic trickle in, you are going to learn a lot more over a few days/week than you are with super high bids and a few minutes. There is not rush, the pot is plenty big to go round and your journey is just starting out. This for me was something that I really had to tone down. If there is an example to give:

I have been writing a post of the AffilateFix forum which is about an antivirus offer I have been running. At first I put quite high bids, got traffic and it didnt convert so well, I toned down the bids and saw that it started to convert, I left it running, and on top of recouping the money that I lost through testing too aggressively, I also have a profit in site. its taken almost a week to get to this point and I still have questions about how I am going to scale the offer, but no rush, slow and steady wins the race.

Lesson 2

Trust your data, don’t trust anything else. once you have the data trickling in learn to read it. Get familiar with your tracking systems. For a profession outside of AM I deal with some very hefty media buying systems, I have also been an affiliate account manager. But I went back to basics, learnt to use the reporting functions of my favorite tracker (Adsbridge) and now feel pretty comfortable with it. Trust what you read, base your decisions on this information. Whilst feedback other people give you in forums is great and really appreciated, don’t base your decisions on it. You see all, you have the holy grail. Do what you need too.

Lesson 3

ABT! Always be testing. Cashmoneyaffiliate I think wrote that he is always starts a campaign with 3 LPS. Do the same (the guy knows his stuff) Make them all different. When you have axed the bad ones, start split testing the good ones, make sure you have in optimization phase at least 2 landing pages. There is also a bonus tip that i can give you. If you have landing page 1 and landing page 2 and you have a new design. Don’t send it all you traffic. set your tracking tool to send 45/45/10 split so that you are not missing out too much on the conversions.


There are more lessons, I am going to be happy to share them with you as I go. but remember slow and steady wins the race. The last week I feel I overcame some frustration with AM, and see an achievable goal in site ( that is with me making $5-10 per day profit) I am not going to dive in, no more super high bids. I am going to get comfortable, sit back, take my time and process what is going on. Like you should all be, I am in this for the long run!