About Adstackers

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! The aim of the blog is to try and help you overcome some of the problems that you might be faced with when starting out affiliate marketing. I am not here to fill you with dreams of earning $X,XXX per day – or for that matter looking to milk money out of you by signing you up to some secret course that only costs $XXX per month. All you will find is about the grind, the long hours, knowledge and understanding you have to gain to even have a shot at making it as an Affiliate Marketer.

Being honest, part of the blog is about me as well. I am learning all the time and see the blog as a tool to help me gather my thoughts, maybe share out some opinions as well as things I pick up. I had to spend a lot of time learning and researching (truth be told I think you should as well!) but jokes aside I wasted a lot of time and invested quite a bit of money and don’t think that you should have to do this either. It’s about finding the right path together and adding our own separate twists on how we make money.

Originally I come from a finance background, dabbling for a few years as a financial analyst to then make my move into the business of online marketing (at this point I have been in IM for approx 5 years)as an affiliate manager and worked my way up from there. I am still at that company and very much enjoy my day job and the challenges it provides (currently I specialize in marketing tech i.e. programmatic, DMPs, DSPs, etc…) In my own time experiment with affiliate marketing (non gambling) to get a better understanding and feel for the industry. I try to specialize in mobile which is quite a challenge but at the same time very enjoyable.

In terms of the IM ‘scene’ I have been a member of STM, Cashmoneyaffiliate, affiliatefix the list rolls on. I have tried SEO, PPC, PPV (before i decided to settle on mobile PPV).

Don’t come here looking for the magic fix or to become an overnight millionaire, it simply wont happen. If on the other hand you are looking fir info about IM look around, join the mailing list (I won’t flood you with offers just info!) Most of all comment, share your thoughts, get in touch and lets tame the beast together!