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Adsbridge tracking solution review

So we are well into the weekend and I am going to write my first review. Its about Adsbridge!

As we all know (or should do at least) In order to make money in the world on internet marketing and affiliation tracking is key. It allows you to optimize campaigns as well as see how many conversions you have. There are a number of solutions available ranging from free to very expensive, I took a bit of a leap of faith a while back and moved from Voluum to Adsbridge. And to be honest have not really looked back. Please bear in mind that this is a very base level review of some of the features that are cool/I like and I will be doing a write up of how to set up tracking in adsbridge, and how to set up campaigns as well.

I love everything about the platform. It looks great, operates nicely, pricing is very reasonable and to further add, their support – wow what support they have. I have hit them with tons of questions and they come back so fast! Not only that any feature improvements such as adding ad networks in or system upgrades they are so keen to listen too and act on.

Adsbridge Pricing

I will be doing a write up of Voluum (which I have a huge amount of respect for) so I will try not to harp on about it too much. But needless to say, they priced out a lot of new affiliates like myself who weren’t necessarily earning enough to justify the costs. Adsbidge on the other hand start at a very reasonable $19 per month with some incredible features, just look at the list below:

adsbridge pricing

I am a big believer in if someone wants to truly learn a tool. Play with it until it breaks, at which point you know the limitations. (Just make sure to do this with every feature). This is exactly what I tried to do with Adsbridge.

Basic Adsbridge features

Upon logging in you are met with a very nice dashboard that will give you a top level overview of stats. So you can see how your campaigns are running at a quick glance. There are a bunch of options here to show you a top level overview you can change from clicks, conversions etc… the list is pretty extensive and the interface is pretty user friendly.

adsbridge dashboard


On the left you have your navigation panel. This is where you set up campaigns, get links, set you ads networks etc… Needless to say this is also where you can get your tracking pixels from. At their core this is exactly what all trackers should be offering and Adsbridge needless to say manages to tie this point off very nicely.

More advanced Adsbridge Features

Unlike other tracking solutions, Adsbridge has made this quite noobie friendly by adding things such as a landing page creator. You can add your own landing pages of course (which personally I would recommend). However there is an editor built in as well as some quite nice templates to choose from.

adsbrdige landing page creator

Up until recently it was a little hard to run things like sweeps through the platform as there was no option for click tracking (unless via JS workaround) however the recent addition of this has put it on par with everything else (nice work Adsbridge!)

Other really nice features that you have are notifications. You can have sent via SMS or email etc… notifications when actions happen. You can set up notifications to help monitor the workflow of a campaign. Either as an alarm or a notifier. Pretty neat feature to let you know how right something is going, or how much in the shit you are!

For those running businesses Adsbridge has also thought about this, with the option to set up users and roles. If  you have a couple of media buyers for example you can set up the platform relevant to them. (I am not yet at this stage so not really so relevant for me)

As with anything spending more money gets you more features. With really advanced things like auto optimization on campaigns, affiliate network integration as well as CPM cost models.


All in all, I am a huge fan of Adsbridge (as you can probably tell). I was worried when Voluum stopped their Noobie plan (a mistake in my eyes). And needless to say Adsbridge has stepped right in with an A grade offering. If you are looking for a ‘cloud’ like solution then look no further, there is really very little that can be faulted with Adsbridge and I would recommend it too anyone.

I have linked the images on this page to my adsbridge affiliate link. I was not sponsored by them to do this post and have done so as it is a product that I really recommend. Feel free to help me out by clicking the links/banners. If not just type into your address bar and sign  up affiliate free!