AdsXposed review

There are as I am sure you have seen a bunch of spy tools that you can use Whatrunswhere, Mobile ad scout, Adplexity, the list is pretty comprehensive. I decided last week in an effort to see if they really do what they say on the tin, to test out a tool and see if it can deliver a campaign that generates a positive ROI. The tool that I chose to test out is called AdsXposed. So here is my AdsXposed review.

I do plan on reviewing more of these tools as time goes on, why I chose to review AdsXposed – I saw a video on AffiliateFix and thought I would dive in from there! I have tried to make the review am impartial as possible and I will praise and be critical where relevant. so down to business. (also btw if you don’t have an account you can grab one here!

AdsXposed Review:

Going straight into it, you can go to their site AdsXposed and see the basic features, saving you the time I will post them here:


With all of these tools, something that I have noticed is that they tend to all do the same thing. At their core they are site scrapers. It really comes down too looking at what differentiates one product from another. In this case there are some quite nice things (not included on the list above) which include:

a) Great support from the product owner.

b) The tool shows you on which targets the ads were seen

c) You can all the countries that the campaigns (for a specific ad) is running in. If for example someone is running a battery install app. You will see the advert, and all the language variations.

d) Traffic source share

e) Landing page ripper that will download the whole landing page and all the scripts in one click (really nice feature)

The price is $149 per month, however if you look around you might be able to get 15% off.

So far so good, the product looks good, has some differentiation and looks like we are going to be able to do something with this.

AdsXposed logged in:

first screen


So logging in you get the above screen, you can filter on the right as well as change the order of items at the top. The interface is intuitive and is very self explanatory to use. Under each ad you get amount of times seen, first seen and last seen. To go into an ad detail just click on it for the following screen:



As you can see from the screenshot, the ad is on the left with all the various information in the right side of the console, such as traffic source split, category, times seen operating system etc… There is also a link for landing page URL which will link you through the the landing page. You can also see a green button which says ‘see all landers for the offers domain’ clicking this is going to show you all the offers running on this specific domain (think what might happen if you put an affiliate tracker in there). Scrolling down the screen, you are presented withe LP ripper (just click download) and the placements which you can also export to excel:

second half screen


In a nutshell this is what the tool is and does, there are other tabs that you can see at the top such as advertiser/publisher, these allow you to search by domain, finally monitoring (you can bookmark ads that you like)


Overall the tool is pretty nifty. It does what it says on the tin. There are some really nice features such as all the ads being manually categorized or auto hiding adult ads. Further to this, they are also adding countries at a fantastic rate.

That being said there are some things that are missing from here, such as a keyword search, if I was really to nitpick I would say that the display ads should be more than 60.

Being truthful with you all I am yet to see a return on ROI in terms of campaigns with this tool, that is still in the testing. Nevertheless if you have ~$149 spare and want to get your feet wet and see what other affiliates are offering, this is a great,  tool that you can try out and see exactly that. Overall I would be happy to recommend! So much so that you can click here and get your AdsXposed account up and running.