Go2Mobi Tracking Tokens

Below you can find the tracking tokens for Go2Mobi hopefully this helps tracking software as needed, any questions in the comments and we will do our best.

# Token Name Token Description
1 {agent} Device user agent
2 {campaign} Unique ID of the campaign
3 {cc} Country code of visitor
4 {city} Carrier region of visitor
5 {clickid} Unique ID of the click/impression
6 {country} Carrier country of visitor
7 {crid} Creative ID
8 {device_model} Device model
9 {device_vendor} Device make
10 {imp} Impression dimensions (width x height)
11 {ip} IP address of visitor
12 {isp} Carrier name of visitor
13 {lat} GPS coordinates (latitude)
14 {lon} GPS coordinates (longitude)
15 {os} Device operating system
16 {os_verion} Device operating system version
17 {plid} Exchange placement ID
18 {pln} Exchange placement time
19 {referrer} HTTP referrer URL (if applicable)
20 {referrer_domain} HTTP referrer domain (if applicable)
21 {region} Carrier region of visitor
22 {ua_hash} Device user agent SHA1 hash
23 {uid} User identier (includes TYPE prefix)
24 {uid_deviceid} User identier (DOES NOT INCLUDE TYPE prefix)
25 {uid_type} User identier TYPE Prefix
26 {xip} Proxied IP address of visitor
27 {year} Device year of release

Go2Mobi Conversion Tracking

S2S (Server-to-Server) Postback URL


Special Notes:

Go2Mobi.com uses unique account ID’s for conversion tracking. You need to replace the token UNIQUEID above with the one provided in your Go2Mobi account.

In the “conversion tracking” panel, you will see a URL that starts with http://pb.g2trk.com.

Highlight the long string of numbers and letters immediately following the apikey= and ending right before &clickid. This is your unique API key.

Be sure to replace the UNIQUEID above with your unique API key.


All tokens and information on this site is provided AS IS. We are not responsible for any errors, missing tokens, changes or lost income
as the result of using any information on this site..