split testing

How much should you split test?

This is a question that I am sure every affiliate marketer, or for that matter every marketer will encounter at some point in their career. Can you split test too much?

You have read on blog X that you should split test your landing pages, you have read on blog Y that you need to split test your main image, blog A says split test the wording and blog B says split test the colours. The very short answer is the reality is that you cannot split test enough!

Well that is what I thought, from what I have found that information is correct for the most part, but in my opinion one of the key factors is time. If for example when you launch your first every campaign is the most important thing to split test the text colour, not really no.

The reason why I think that the answer is no, is because it is more important to get your main campaign out the door. Cash Money Affiliate makes a great point in some of his posts. When he goes out to launch a campaign he chooses 3 LPs and the rest is history!

Ultimately speaking your first campaign is going to end with you changing the text colours, positions CTAs etc… however that is only after you have optimised everything else.

So what should a newbie do to split test?

The advice would be, launch, launch launch – make sure you do it with a few LP’s (my rule is to always have a minimum of 2 at any point. Always looking to optimize; work your way through the main factors that you have first, i.e. optimize the placements, devices, countries etc… when you feel you have the traffic down, then look to optimize more on your designs. This being said, your initial designs should have a few conversions to show for it and not big fat 0s (at least show some glimmer of hope eh?!).

I have been guilty of it (I am still at the start of my journey) and I am sure many others after me. It is so easy to get caught in the what should i do, how should I optimize but really patience is the key. Work with what you have then make it better. But first thing is first find out what you have!