How to create a campaign in Adsbridge

As you have all probably guessed by now, I am quite the fan of Adsbridge. It is advanced, great pricing and their support really is top notch! So you have got your Adsbridge account (if not get one here) and you are now wondering how to create a campaign in Adsbridge.

One of the hardest things that I found when I first started out on my journey was how to set up tracking, and how to make sure that it is all working correctly. I read a bunch of blogs and eventually found what I was looking for, but realising how frustrating it actually is, I decided to make this “how to set up an Adsbridge campaign” guide.

Adsbridge Campaign Setup Basics

The interface is actually pretty intuitive, and I would highly recommend reading over the Adsbridge blogs which can certainly be a great help.

campaign set up 1

1. This is where you should enter the campaign name. In my experience so far, I have found it best to give it a name as well as a campaign number, for example if you are working with clickdealer And the offer you are promoting is called “12345 samsung S6 SOI/DE” Then call that the name of the offer.

2. Groups are really handy, especially as you will be promoting more than one offer on any given traffic source. The setup I have is that the groups are the traffic sources. And then I allocate the offer accordingly.

3. Traffic source, whilst we have set the groups as traffic source, this is not quite the same, selecting the traffic source here will fill in the relevant tokens for a traffic source, (setting up a traffic source in Adsbridge).

4. Set the deal you are on here, for example if you are getting a CPA (cost per action) and that is $1.6 per email or pin submit then apply this accordingly. This way when you look at your stats you are going to be able to work out ROI etc..

5. This  will basically ‘hide’ your tracking link from people who you may not wish to see the link. How a double meta refresh works is it will in short blank out you affiliate link. It is not foolproof but it is pretty good and I would advise hiding your links.

6. Is the token as set up in traffic source (in this case cid) denotes the click ID which is read by Adsbridge as being TID

7. Place your traffic source postback here so you can see your conversions from your traffic source.

Paths, Landing Pages and offers

As you will see at the bottom of the first screen Adsbridge has started to build you campaign URL, this is in a blue box, you can ignore this for the moment. Clicking next you are taken to a screen where you choose your paths for how your want the traffic to flow.

create page 2

  1. On default you can set the offer to run direct, this might be one option. However I would recommend doing this as a test as oppose to doing it straight off the bat. In the example above I have not gone direct but I am testing a specific page (as on previous posts, it is advisable to test out 3 pages with each offer) Click add landing page and you will be taken to a screen where you can select the page that you want to use.
  2. This is where you select the offers. As you can see I am split testing 2 offers (the same but different payouts. When you click add offer, like with ‘add landing page’ click it to be taken to a screen of all the offers where you can select accordingly.
  3. This allows you to select active or inactive (good for when you are optimizing.
  4. This is weighting. When you first set up an offer you will probably want all the traffic to be distributed evenly as you can see in this example I have set it to 50/50 meaning that 50% of the traffic goes to offer 1 and 50% of the traffic goes to offer 2.

When you have set this part of the page up click Finish.

Clicking finish opens a popup box with your tracking URL ready to rock and roll. Now just go ahead and implement it on the traffic source.

Advanced Setup Features

There are as I am sure you can imagine some very advanced features to help you set up your campaigns. For example you can set up redirect rules that say. If the user is from country X send them to offer 1 and if from Country Y send them to offer 2.

Alternatively you might want to send people to offer 1 on a Wednesday and then to offer 3 on a Sunday. Adsbridge will take care of all this even down to hour of the day.

In my opinion the above is enough to get you started and let you hit the ground at least at a good jogging pace. Most likely I will drum up another post about how to specifically use these features, but for tonight, I think I am done.

As always any questions just post them in the comments below, and take care until the next time!