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how to use Pushbullet

Like me, I am sure that you are constantly on the lookout for new tools to use to help make your life easier as an affiliate marketer.

In a change to the last slurry of posts that have evolved mainly round tracking and campaign set up. I am taking this short opportunity to introduce you to something nice and free 🙂

Pushbullet is a perfect app that is going to help you test out landing pages as well as help you quickly flick links between devices.

In short you load up the Pushbullet app to your browser and your mobile device (app versions for all platforms available). The service then allows you to send links from the interface to any of your devices. Say you have a landing page that you have just made, no problem open Pushbullet, and send the page to your phone to take a look. Maybe you have seen a page that you like and you are not near your computer or your mobile device, again copy, paste the link and it will be there for you open when you next turn your device on.

How to use Pushbullet


You are going to get the usual icon in the top right of the browser. (it’s green and looks like a bullet). Click it and it will open the above screen. Insert the link and you can choose which device it goes too. It can be one or it can be all. send and you are done!

If you have a tab open, to save yourself typing out the address, just go to the open tab, click the button and Pushbullet will auto populate the field for you ready to send the link.

Anyway to keep this brief, it’s a fantastic tool that will help you out a bunch so I would suggest using it. Until next time…