MobFox Tracking Tokens

Below you can find the tracking tokens for Mobfox hopefully this helps tracking software as needed, any questions in the comments and we will do our best.

# Token Name Token Description
1 MFOXADID Unique ID of the ad
2 MFOXAGID Unique ID of the ad group
3 MFOXCAID Unique ID of the campaign
4 MFOXCLICKID Unique ID of the click/impression
4 MFOXGAID Android Advertiser ID
5 MFOXIFA iOS Advertiser ID
6 MFOXPUBID Unique ID of the publisher
7 MFOXUDID Device ID of the visitor
8 MFOXTSTAMP Time stamp of the visitor ad click
9 RANDOMNR Returns a random number (1-50000)

MobFox Conversion Tracking

S2S (Server-to-Server) Postback URL{clickid}

Special Notes: uses unique account ID’s for conversion tracking. You need to replace the token "UNIQUEID" above with the one provided in your MobFox account.


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as the result of using any information on this site..