Postback links and conversion pixels

Great work you are progressing. You may have even launched your first campaign. But as we have all read that can all go to waste if you have not yet set up any type of conversion tracking. Not sure about the difference between a postback and a pixel? You could well see a few conversions come your way with no tracking, but it is going to be almost (if not) impossible to do anything without setting something up.

There are many great tracking systems out there, but this is not the topic of this post. (personally I like Adsbridge, i’ll probably be using it for examples throughout).

So to track these conversions you need to either use a postback link or what is known as a conversion pixel (in their various guises)

What is a postback?

Postbacks are a links that your tracking solution provides that you can place in your affiliate network. It will ‘speak’ with your tracking system and let you know that you have got a conversion (you can also pass other information but lets keep it simple for now). Below is an example of a postback setup in Clickdealer affiliate network.

postback link
It is worth nothing that you can post what is known as a Global Postback which essentially means that you don’t have to set up a postback offer by offer, you can set the postback once and the offers will then auto populate that postback. To set this up just speak with your account manager.

What is a conversion pixel?

Your tracking software most like provides a postback as well as a conversion pixel. A conversion pixel and a postback operate in essentially the same way but with some minor variances. The conversion pixel is basically an invisible image or even an iframe on the advertisers conversion page. As soon as the page loads (the relevant page of course) the pixel will fire and record a conversion. The recommendation would be to use an image pixel over an iframe pixel (reliability) if you have that option.

Conversion pixel or Postback?

This really is down to personal preference. If you have the option to use a postback you should use it (setting up a pixel requires doing so on every offer) Partly because of accuracy and partly because some offers do not even let you set a conversion pixel (you have to use a postback)

Any more questions leave some comments below!