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How to set up a traffic source in Adsbridge

Yesterday we looked at how to set up a campaign in Adsbridge, today something a little more straight forwards. How to set up a traffic source in Adsbridge.

Basically you have a couple of options, a) use the existing templates that Adsbridge has, this is very fast, and the list impressively is constantly growing. As I have also found out, if you speak with the support and have an account manager at the traffic source, you can infact get them to speak to each other and they will look into making that traffic source one of the templates. Option b) is the manual way round, say there is a traffic source that is not in the templates, what you can do here is set it up yourself, as always offering maximum flexibility.

Adsbridge traffic source templates

As always log into your Adsbridge account (if you don’t have one, you can get one here)create traffic source

  1. Click create traffic source, you can find this on the left hand side under traffic sources.
  2. Click create traffic source, when the window opens  you are looking for the blue box ‘templates’
  3. On clicking the templates button a screen will pop up you will either have preferred partners or other traffic sources. If you are quit new to affiliation then all the traffic sources you might have heard about from forums such as Affiliate Fix and STM are going to be in the box, select the relevant one and save and you are basically good to go.


Manually setup Adsbridge traffic source

manual create

As with the templates (above)

  1. Click the create traffic source option
  2. Name your traffic source (as you can see in this instance I have used ZeroPark.
  3. Place your traffic source postback URL (you get this from your traffic source)
  4. This is where things start to get interesting and it did take me quite a bit of trial and error to figure things out. Tracking ID in this instance is the click ID. If for example your ZeroPark postback :is<cid> Your tracking ID is going to be cid. Place in Name cid and in value you are looking to place the placeholder (usually in {} style brackets)
  5. This is where you can add the remainder of the tokens (this is recommended, and you can find these in the tracking tokens section, (see here for example). As you can see in this instance I am capturing target, so I can see the target ID of where I have run an ad. Keyword, in the event that I am running a keyword campaign. Traffic type (in the case of ZeroPark this is returning if it is adult or not), and finally target URL, this is returning me an actual URL.

*Bonus TIP*

if you capture the traffic URL it is going to provide you with some good info for competitor spying. simply use a tool like HMA and the Opera mobile emulator and you are going to collect some rather nice information.

Once you are done click save.

Hope that helps clear things up! as always post any comments or questions below, over and out!