Updates and apps

Hi all (well whoever might be reading that is)

I’m back and motivated again. Some quite cool things have happened since I last wrote a post. Including my first affiliate payment of over $100. Still down overall but have to start somewhere! I actually slowed down activity after that to an almost standstill which was a shame, but looking now to get back into the throws of things.

Part of my new thoughts is thinking about efficiency (operational efficiency to be precise) and started looking in no better place than myself and the technology that I use.

My primary device is my iPhone. (not sure if I am such a huge iPhone fan but thats for another post) And have narrowed down to some quite specific and premium apps which Ill go through on here, I’ll try and provide a better update at a later date but for the sake of this return post you will get the drift!


Spotify premium – it’s amazing. I have more music at my fingertips than I could listen to in a lifetime. Superb sound quality (which go with the nice shiny new AudioTechnica M40Xs that I recently go) If you don’t have the free version go out there and get it you will be impressed. Family bundle is the best value premium package as you can split it with your mates.


Downcast ($2.99 approx) Solid podcast product, reliable I like it and it does what it says on the tin very very well.


I was an Evernote fan (not premium) but I was also miffed for the community that they got screwed by Evernote. ┬áSo I followed some lifehacker advice, ported all my noted to OneNote and have to say not looked back. It’s free and a superb product


Feedly is a great reader tool, ties in nicely with Pocket that I have started to use again.

Some new tools that I have just started with are:

Fantastical 2 ($4.99) only had it one day, so far it is better than stock calendar, waiting to see how good it is probably take a bit longer)

Wunderlist (free)

to do note list thingy. Not such a fan of these things in general but i’ll give it a shot and let you know how I get on (I get to tick something off simply for writing this blog post so that is a +++)

ramble is over from me, just to say Hi , I am back and expect some more regular post updates (thanks Wunderlist!)