Zeropark campaign setup (How to)

Zeropark is a great traffic source to get your feet wet. Zeropark campaign setup is pretty straight forwards, quite a lot minimum deposit amount and steady traffic for testing. The question on your tongues is so how to Zeropark campaign setup.

You have made it this far – congratulations. You have got your tracking solution set up, and are well on the way to creating your first campaign (yes we have not covered banners or landing pages just yet, but fret not we will get there!)

Zeropark campaign setup is very easy once you get going. I have tried to approach this as a general guide to show you the ropes with a view that you will experiment and learn what works best for yourselves.

Zeropark Campaign Setup (basic)

Zeropark campaign setup 1

You have opened and deposited your money to Zeropark. Now click on the option that says new campaign.

For the sake of ease we are going to setup a RON (run of network) pop campaign.

Zeropark campaign setup 2

(hopefully you are not struggling at this point and have managed to find the next button without instruction!)

**NOTE** you can also run domain redirect traffic and search traffic through Zeropark. I have heard some good things about the Domain traffic, however my (albeit limited) success has been with the Premium PPV.

Zeropark campaign setup 3

(select RON). For some general information, you have some options here that might help you in the future or give you some ideas at the very least. RON will literally run everywhere no holds barred (its not as scary as it sounds). Keyword allows you to target by keyword, it is a nice feature but can give quite limited results. The one that is of particular (other) interest here is the Target option. Basically when you have run on RON you will have a list of ‘targets’ that have performed well. This allows you to take you campaign and run just on those targets.

Multi country, is a handy feature if you are looking to scale a campaign quickly to lots of countries. i.e. your running an app install offer in LATAM and want to choose all Spanish speaking countries.

Zeropark campaign setup 4

No we get down to business!

1/ Enter your campaign name, make sure to use something so you know what it is you are trying to do. For example “iPhone 6 SOI UK”

2/Select the country that you want to run in.

3/Bid, this is where you set how much you are prepared to pay for 1 pop. pricing is in $0.0000 you are going to have to play with this to find the sweet spot. When you are running a campaign you will see the position you are in. I try and aim for 2-3. a $0.0005 – $0.0008 should see you get at least some traffic.

4/ This is a spend cap per day, I personally set this to $15.

5/ Is an overall campaign budget. You can set whatever you choose, normally when  you find a campaign that is profitable you can set this too unlimited.

6/ Choose desktop or mobile. I only focus on mobile traffic and just choose this. I also run on wifi and cellular. until there is enough data to prove otherwise.

Zeropark campaign setup 5

Moving down the page you are going to get the above, which allows you some better targeting options.

1/ Set the frequency you would like a unique user to see your advert. you can choose off for unlimited, or once per hour etc… I leave this at 1h.

2/ Select if you want adult traffic or not. Unless a campaign says otherwise, test everything in your power!

3/Day parting – this is not something that you will need at the start. However once you have enough data you might be able to conclude that Mondays and Fridays (example) are the best days to run on. In which case you can turn off the other days here.

4/This is where you put your campaign tracking URL. If you followed the campaign set up (adsbridge campaign setup) You will have a nice link that can capture all kinds on information. (if you are looking for Zeropark traffic tokens, you can get these here).

5/This is your postback for your traffic source and will allow you too see conversions in the Zeropark traffic platform. (below you can also set how much a conversion is worth for you, pretty handy).

Finally click next and save your campaign ready for approval.

Overall Zeropark campaign setup as you can see is quite straight forwards and you should not have too many problems completing the setup. As I said at the start it is a nice traffic platform and the traffic does appear to be of quite high quality. If you are looking to get your toes wet then this could be a good option for you to go with before you scale to the big time!.

As always, any questions let me know in the comments!